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jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

300 ISIS Deployed Throughout U.S States Ready To Attack

Hi nestoreidler.musicayenergia@blogger.com,

"Americans, it’s time to panic…
Blow America off the world map… in seconds.
“Obama is your last president” says Russian president…"

The atomic bomb from Hiroshima was nothing compared to this…

Former Secretary of Defense begged Obama to take immediate action

And protect the U.S. from the worst possible annihilation, years ago.

Because according to secret Bible prophecies…

That have remained hidden from the public to this day,

America will not live to see its next president rule.

Obama is the 44th and last president of the U.S.

Our Government and the leaders of our church have fought dirty

To keep this a secret, because if this leaks out…

It will cause extreme panic throughout America,

And speed the events that will bring about the end of times.

Click here to find out the full extent of Putin’s sickening strategy and how it will inevitably blow Americans off the world map.

Stay safe. Stay prepared.

Allan S. Denham
1963 Timber Ridge Road
Sacramento, CA 95814

P.S.: Admiral Bill Gortney, Commander of NORAD fears the U.S. is unable to counter the threat…

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